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Select a collage from over 160+ individually unique designs. We are confident you will find exactly what you are looking for.

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As you can see from all our feedback on our website and all across our social media platforms our customer satisfaction has received 5 stars.

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From initial inquiry to full finished product we are committed to giving all out clients that special person treatment.

About Us

Memory Collage offer high quality photo collages created as a magical way to bring together those treasured moments. Our collages are a perfect gift for yourself or loved ones.

Our senior in house designers create high quality digital collages they work closely with you to produce the final collage. All the collages are carefully arranged by hand to enhance the appearance of your artwork and ensure everyone special and most important photos are in a prime location.

All your photos are individually enhanced and cropped (if needed) to a high standard. Your photos can be made brighter, clearer and if needed small marks can be removed to ensure you have the best possible photos for your collage!

Your collage can be mounted and framed in our handmade frames specifically built to fit your artwork.

A proof of your design will be sent to you prior to finalising and printing to ensure you are satisfied with the collage.

Our Vision

With a passion for design and a love of photography Memory Collage was launched in 2017. Turning your precious memories into a luxury piece of art you can treasure for a lifetime. A perfect gift for yourself or loved ones.

What we really do?

A dedicated designer will carefully arrange your photos by hand to enhance the appearance of your memories. Your high quality collage is created for you to print out to your own specifications or a fine art print can be mounted and framed to showcase your collage to its full potential.

About Us
About Us